BittBoy tip: How to safely disable the low battery vibration notifications (Updated)

A tip for the BittBoy owners that want to disable the low battery vibration notifications (Hardware and Software solutions).

This is the biggest annoyance for many people, as I’ve noticed on Reddit. First of all, it can be it can be disabled in the software settings but only by creating a conf file in the sdcard. Many users don’t want to mess with the file system so there is an alternative hardware solution that is also reversible.

Second, it makes the BittBoy vibrate in regular intervals when the battery level is not really that low. For us it happens when it is about 50% and it keeps vibrating until you charge it.

Third, the tiny motor that vibrates was meant for the rumble function but it is only supported by a couple of emulators and really only a few games. So, many users decided to cut the motor wires but it disables the vibration permanently.

The 2 solutions bellow to turn off the vibration function are both reversible and the BittBoy owners can decide if they want to change the hardware or the software of the device.

The Hardware Solution:

My suggestion is to gently pull the 2 short wires (blue and red) from the board to disconnect them without any damage so we can solder them back if needed later. The wires can then be safely isolated with insulating tape. No need to make any changes in the software.

The Software Solution:

On a computer create a simple txt file and write “0” (zero) in it. That’s it, the content of the file will be “0”. Name it “.batterylow.conf” and copy to the sdcard, in the “/mnt/”. Don’t change any other files or folders. No need to make any changes in the hardware.

Done… no more low battery vibration during game time! 🤖🎮📳

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