Talking a bit more about Blue, White and Pink

Talking a bit more about blue, white and pink… When the Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian & Zamazenta Edition was released, I couldn’t help it but to think about the colors of the transgender flag. It is so elegant and beautiful. I didn’t get a Switch Lite but if I did that would be the versionContinue reading “Talking a bit more about Blue, White and Pink”

My YouTube Channel Trailer is on!

Robotic Greetings! My new YouTube Channel is coming soon. I will focus on gaming but of all kinds, retro gaming and new consoles, mobile games, PC, handhelds, virtual reality with unboxings, reviews, tutorials and much more. Please subscribe to RPG Robots Playing Games!🤖 Youtube Subscribe here! Please Follow Us! 🤖 Instagram… 🤖 Twitter reading “My YouTube Channel Trailer is on!”