Become my Patreon and Support my Content!

I finally finished and launched my Patreon Page! You can check it here: This is one of the ways you can support my content and help me continue sharing my passion for games. There are 3 Tiers available to choose from and I’m working on exclusive content which only my Patrons can access. ThereContinue reading “Become my Patreon and Support my Content!”

Star Trek Online Wallpapers by Robots Playing Games

I really enjoy playing Star Trek Online for many years now. Sometimes I take breaks, longer or shorter but I always come back to this game. Recently, I got a new ship and it is so beautiful and fun to play with that I’ve posted some screenshots on Reddit. Many people liked them and commentedContinue reading “Star Trek Online Wallpapers by Robots Playing Games”

Anaglyph 3D/Stereoscopic 3D image of the PS5 DualSense controller

I made an Anaglyph 3D/Stereoscopic 3D image of the PS5 DualSense controller. To see it in 3D you will need red-cyan or red-blue glasses like the ones on the picture. I put the controller on the front and my tag and logo on the back. Enjoy!