The DualSense Versus the Original PlayStation controller

So the PlayStation 5 controller was officially announced: The DualSense. Here is the DualSense versus the first controller launched with the PlayStation in 1994 in Japan and 1995 in North America, Europe and the rest of the World.It was a wired controller, had only digital buttons, no vibration feedback and no analog sticks. It wasContinue reading “The DualSense Versus the Original PlayStation controller”

My own customized ultimate BittBoy!

I have the lastest BittBoy for 2 weeks now and I loved it!🤖💜🕹️ It is really good out of the box but, after playing around with the hardware and software, configuring all settings and emulators, making everything work and modding it a bit, I’ve made this tiny but immensely fun handheld perfect for me. InContinue reading “My own customized ultimate BittBoy!”

BittBoy tip: How to safely disable the low battery vibration notifications (Updated)

A tip for the BittBoy owners that want to disable the low battery vibration notifications (Hardware and Software solutions). This is the biggest annoyance for many people, as I’ve noticed on Reddit. First of all, it can be it can be disabled in the software settings but only by creating a conf file in theContinue reading “BittBoy tip: How to safely disable the low battery vibration notifications (Updated)”

A look inside the BittBoy V3.5

I’ve disassembled the compact, lightweight, amazing gaming handheld. Something that can be done very easily by just removing 6 screws on the back of the device. Please subscribe to RPG Robots Playing Games!🤖 Youtube Subscribe here! Please Follow Us 🤖 Instagram… 🤖 Twitter 🤖 Facebook 🤖 Twitch…