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I finally finished and launched my Patreon Page! You can check it here: This is one of the ways you can support my content and help me continue sharing my passion for games. There are 3 Tiers available to choose from and I’m working on exclusive content which only my Patrons can access. ThereContinue reading “Become my Patreon and Support my Content!”

U.S.S. Goyang-Si returning to the Earth’s Spacedock for quick repairs

Captain’s log, stardate 97842.55. U.S.S. Goyang-Si returning to the Earth’s Spacedock for quick repairs… (a Star Trek music starts playing). This is a Constitution-Class Starship (Star Trek Discovery variant) and one of the many exploration cruisers sent by the United Federation of Planets to 5 years long missions. 🤖💜🖖🏻 Currently, this is my favorite shipContinue reading “U.S.S. Goyang-Si returning to the Earth’s Spacedock for quick repairs”

Free Storyteller, RPG Book: Wraith The Oblivion

Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition All the stories they told you about what it would be like after you died? They were wrong. There is no Heaven and there is no Hell. There’s only the Underworld, with the ravening maw of Oblivion at the bottom and the impossible dream of Transcendence at the top.Continue reading “Free Storyteller, RPG Book: Wraith The Oblivion”

Free Storyteller, RPG Book: Changeling The Dreaming

Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition Judge us not by our seemings for we are never what we appear.Come hither, changelings and join the dream-dance,lest the winter come and the Dreaming pass into memory. Recall your heritage! Let the games begin! Twenty years ago, White Wolf published Changeling: the Dreaming, the fifth of their promisedContinue reading “Free Storyteller, RPG Book: Changeling The Dreaming”

My YouTube Channel Trailer is on!

Robotic Greetings! My new YouTube Channel is coming soon. I will focus on gaming but of all kinds, retro gaming and new consoles, mobile games, PC, handhelds, virtual reality with unboxings, reviews, tutorials and much more. Please subscribe to RPG Robots Playing Games!🤖 Youtube Subscribe here! Please Follow Us! 🤖 Instagram… 🤖 Twitter reading “My YouTube Channel Trailer is on!”